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Friedrichskoog is part of one of the most important and impressive landscapes in Europe, the Wadden Sea. As a World Heritage site, the landscape is characterized by the system of intertidal sand, mud flats, various herbaceous plants, and migratory birds. Trischen dam, an impressive work of engineering, was built in 1935-36 to prevent the erosion of the foreshore. Together with the long lines of dikes, it visually defines the landscape of Friedrichskoog.

our approach

In addition to its technical role as a coastal protection structure, Trischen dam offers a unique sensorial experience - a 2.2 km path into the heart of the landscape of Wadden Sea.

With each step taken, one gradually experiences the landscape of salt marshes, mudflats, tidal creeks leading to the open sea. The landscape reveals itself in small details: the sound of the wind going through the grasses, the waves hitting the dam, and the line of the horizon.

The unobstructed view over the open landscape of mudflats and salt marshes makes one lose its sense of space, time, distance and proximity. This feeling of detaching oneself from the everyday and becoming one with the landscape is unique and can only be experienced here at Trischen Dam.

We believe that a project at Trischen dam can only become a landmark if these qualities are strengthened - if we manage to get people curious about the mudflats and the sea. With our design we aim to emphasize the special qualities of the landscape. We want to inform and show, rather than overloading this special place with further exterior experiences.


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Nature & Leisure


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Gemeinde Friedrichskoog, Amt Marne


panta ingenieure GmbH, Hamburg




16.900 m²


FKO, North Sea, Wadden Sea, Dike, Basalt, seashore, Waterfronts

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